Wedding Photos

Late last month I photographed my good friends Shaun and Kirea's wedding. It was a very relaxed and Informal affair. Here a few pictures from the day more to come soon 


Collaboration with Jayne Dent

In between doing our own work me and performance artist Jane Dent have been trying to  set time aside every so often to come too together and work  collaboratively on a  project, with out the stresses of deadlines to work too. Leaving us free to experiment and bounce of ideas in a free and easy  manner.   above are a few snippets  of ideas we have worked on and may or may not be anything like the finished project. 

a small video clip can be found here

below is a selection of unedited sound samples  (you may wish to skip to around  1:30 on these clips unless you want to listen to general chit chat   )


please check out Jayne Dent's  BLOG and WEBSITE  

Yellow Wallpaper

"Yellow Wallpaper is the exploration of mental health positioned within the context of woman’s history, literature and personal experience. The event aimed to bring to light the issue of mental health, encourage conversations and stimulate awareness through creative expression. It promised a night of spoken word, music, film and performance all programmed alongside a more traditional visual art exhibition. Confessional written extracts were also installed amongst the visual art; with a publication of the same name made collaboratively with the University Fine Art department’s publishing house Unstapled Press."

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Tenderfoot Collective

 Tenderfoot collective is a group of  artist working in a arrange of disciplines to explore a multitude of  themes, social issues, politics, and philosophies. who have all at some point in there Careers studied at Chesterfield College but are now studying and/or practitioning in the arts across uk.  they have been exhibiting  annually  at APG Works Sheffield since 2013 

Tenderfoot are:

Belinda Ayres,


Amy Hodkin, (no images yet)


Laura Jayne Hodkin,


Alex Noble,


Johannah Wragg no link or images :(


the opening nights